I'm a broadcast reporter and reporter based in New York, and I love to create content.

Sometimes I do that the old fashioned way: developing sources, keeping them close, getting them to tell their best story. I did the first reported interview with Washington Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo; I convinced an executioner for the State of Virginia to tell me what it was really like to give a lethal injection; and I traveled to India and China for "Good Morning America," reporting first hand on what those wildfire economies looked like (before the crash, that is).

Sometimes I work on projects that are a bit more new-fangled. For President Obama's 2013 Inaugural, I worked with public radio's The Takeaway to build a user-generated wiki-poem, soliciting sentiments from listeners around the country who tweeted us using the hashtag #prezpoem.

When I'm making videos, I work with a Panasonic DMC-GH3. When I'm making radio, I work with a Tascam DR-40. When I'm booking, I rely entirely on Google and instinct.

( i also write code :: © 2013 )